21世纪大学英语第三册 课后翻译题 Unit 1-6

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21st Century College English: Book 3

Unit 1-6 Translation


Unit 1

1. 汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成为她最喜欢的学生。

Tom (was) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Yang’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye.

2. 看到女儿从中学毕业,他感到了一股难以用语言来表达的爱和骄傲的暖流。

Seeing his daughter graduate from high school, he felt a surge of love and pride that he couldn’t express in words.

3. 当李先生去年开始涉足股市时,他做梦也没想到会变成了百万富翁!

Last year when Mr. Li began his first venture into the stock market, becoming a millionaire was beyond his wildest dreams.

4. 在休假日,我有幸看到一些野生海豹吃鱼。我照了几张 像,可惜焦点都没对准。

On my holiday, I was lucky enough to witness some wild seals feeding on fish. I took several photos of them, but unfortunately they were out of focus.

5. 王子跟那位女演员保持确定的情侣关系已三年。没有任何东西能改变他们在下周结婚的决定。

The prince has been going steady with the actress for three years and nothing can alter their decision to get married next week.

6. 因为穷人连饭都吃不饱便认为他们不需要义务教育的看法完全是一种错误的想法。没有教育怎么克服贫穷?

It is a complete misconception that the poor do not need compulsory education because they do not even have enough to feed on. But without education, how could people overcome their poverty?

7. 大卫所有的同班同学都困惑不解——没有人可以想象得出他怎么突然变成了优等生。

All of David’s classmates are completely stumped — no one can work out how he became a top student overnight.

8. 很明显,她拒绝他的求婚给了他沉重的打击,但他最终还是从痛苦中恢复了过来。

It is obvious that her rejection of his proposal hit him hard, but in time he recovered from his wounds.

Unit 2

1. 独立生活的能力对于任何一个成年人来说是必不可少的, 但真正的成熟远远不止那些基本的生存策略。

The ability to fend for oneself is indispensable to any adult, but real maturity is more than just a set of survival strategies.

2. 孩子们在儿童节有资格免费进入每一个城市公园。这是对他们全年长期呆在学校里的一种补偿。

On Children’s Day, kids are entitled to free entry to all city parks. It’s a way of compensating them for the long hours they spend in school all year.

3. 你更注重个人的生活而不是学习,难怪你的成绩下降了。

You’re giving more priority to your personal life than to your studies. It’s no wonder your grades are suffering.

4. 鉴于当今社会大多数的妇女离家就职,很自然她们反对丈夫把她们作为家庭主妇来对待。

Given that most women nowadays have jobs outside the home, it’s natural that they object to their husbands treating them like housekeepers.

5. 美国的不少百万富翁都至少拥有两座房子和一架私人飞机。

Quite a number of American millionaires own at least two houses and a private plane.

6. 当约翰意外地从癌症康复时,他的医生把此归因于他坚强的毅力和对未来的信念。

When John recovered unexpectedly from cancer, his doctors attributed it to his strong will and faith in the future.

7. 没有任何实际理由要保留为女性开门那种习俗,更不用说保留”妇女和儿童优先”的传统了。

There’s no practical reason to perpetuate the custom of opening doors for women, let alone the tradition of “women and children first”.
8. 许多女权主义者反对男人养育孩子不如女人的想法。

Many feminists object to the notion that men can’t nurture children as well as women can.

Unit 3

1. 我们不久就对她无休止的抱怨感到厌倦,并尽量避开她。

We soon grew weary of her constant complaints, and avoided her as much as possible.

2. 市长将在今天下午主持会议,为建设一条新公路的规划作准备。

The mayor will preside over a meeting this afternoon that will pave the way for plans to build a new highway.

3. 如果我们有更多的时间可支配,我会带你上这座山。从山顶上四下观望真令人惊叹。

If we had more time at our disposal, I’d take you up this mountain. The view from the top is truly awe-inspiring.

4. 任何热爱生活的人都不难发现鸟类迁徙中的象征性美和实际美。

Anyone who is in love with life will have no difficulty in finding the symbolic as well as the actual beauty in the migration of the birds.

5. 观看壮观的潮涨潮落景色使我感到一种在其他地方感受不到的内心的满足。

Watching the magnificent view of the ebb and flow of the tides fills me with an inner contentment that I find nowhere else.

6. 他的不幸激起了听众深深的同情。他们热切地想帮他抚平心头的创伤。

His misfortune aroused great sympathy among the listeners, who are keen to help his mental wounds.

7. 对一个门外汉来说,要认识霍金博士研究的重要性也许是困难的或不可能的,但它肯定会对我们的生活产生经久的影响。

Recognition of the importance of Dr. Hawkin’s research may be difficult or impossible for a layman, but it is sure to have a lasting impact on our lives.

8. 史密斯先生早就希望能有机会向周围的年轻人讲述他的登月经历,但他一直没有足够的支配时间。

Mr. Smith has long wished for a chance to relate his lunar landing experience to the young people around him, but he never has enough time at his disposal.

Unit 4

1. 我们想提醒我们亲爱的观众,敬请体谅他人,在晚上十点以后调低你的电视机音量。

We’d like to remind our viewers to be considerate to your neighbors and keep your TVs turned down after 10 PM.

2. 我希望我的忠告对处于压力下的学生们会起作用:前面 的路有着许多不能预见的机遇。

I hope my advice will work on the students under pressure — the road ahead is full of unforeseen opportunities.

3. 顺便说一句,琳达是个腼腆的人,在那么多的生人面前讲 话,她会感到不自然。

Incidentally, Linda is a shy person who might feel uneasy about speaking in the presence of so many strangers.

4. 要在学习上取得进步,学生需要具备独立学习的技能而不 是事事都依靠教师。

In order to get ahead in their studies, students need to equip themselves with independent-study skills instead of relying on their teachers for everything.

5. 现在的年青人变得老成,他们确信成就是以拥有多少财 产来衡量的。

Young people nowadays are growing up old, with the conviction that achievement is measured by how many possessions they own.

6. 许多学生为他们利用部分时间打工辩解,说这会减少他们的经济压力。

Many students justify their working part time by saying that it reduces their economic pressure.

7. 你现在必须马上做的是填好在你来时给你的表格。

What you need to do right now is to fill in the forms you were given when you arrived.

8. 就事业本身而言,需要一个人毕生的奉献,但是这并不意味着进入一种职业后就要坚持不懈地一直干下去。

A career in itself requires one’s lifelong devotion, but it does not mean that after you get into a profession you must continue all along.

Unit 5

1. 为了帮助外国投资者更好地了解上海,他们根据能找到的各种资料来源汇编了这本上海指南。

To help foreign investors get a better understanding of Shanghai, they’ve compiled this little guide from the various sources they could find.

2. 他是在计划实现之后才让大家知道的那种人。

He is the sort of person who prefers to keep his plans to himself until they’re realized.

3. 我千里迢迢到纽约来看他,结果却发现他两天前出国了。

I came to New York from far away to see him, only to find he had gone abroad two days before.

4. 现在很难想象没有电、没有电视、没有电话,我们是如何生存了如此之久的。

It is difficult to imagine now how we’ve survived for so long without electricity, television or telephone.

5. 只要钱是老老实实赚来的,新政策鼓励人们变得富有。

The new policy encourages people to become wealthy if the money has been acquired honestly.

6. 如果我负责这个项目,我会更好地利用现有的资金。

If I were in charge of the project, I’d make better use of the money that’s available.

7. 他们拒绝给他进入这个国家的签证,理由是他是个危险分子。

He was refused an entry permit on the grounds that he was a dangerous person.

8. 老师没有多久就发现, 汤姆总有迟交作业的借口。

It didn’t take the teacher long to catch on that Tom always had an excuse for being late with the assignments.

Unit 6

1. 我真希望你对这一事件能采取一种更加通情达理的态度。

I wish you could adopt a more reasonable attitude towards the event.

2. 在那次车祸中我的腿摔断了,我儿子的腿也摔断了。

I had my leg broken in the car accident and so did my son.

3. 那位老妇人不胜悲伤,几乎不能自己走路了。

The old woman, overwhelmed by grief, could hardly/barely walk on her own.

4. 在他过世五十年之后,他的成就才为社会所承认。

It was 50 years after his death that his accomplishments were acknowledged by society.

5. 这里曾经是战火纷飞,现在却是一片和平与繁荣。

Where there were flames of war, now there are peace and prosperity.

6. 他病的很重,他的病无药可治。

He is seriously ill and his disease defies the healing power of any medicine.

7. 由于前途渺茫,一片空白,早年的希望逐渐消失,他对生活失去了信心。

He has lost confidence in life as the future blurs and goes blank and the early hopes fade into nothingness.

8. 小汤姆意识到已无法改变这一严酷的现实:随着父母的突然去世,他的家庭已经破碎。

Little Tom realized that nothing could change the harsh reality that his family had fallen apart with his parents’ sudden deaths.

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