21世纪大学英语第二册 课后翻译题 Unit 1-6

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21st Century College English: Book 2

Unit 1-6 Translation


Unit 1

1. 老伴六十多岁时中风去世时,那位72岁的退休教授不胜悲痛。 无人依靠的生活对他来说将是非常困难的。

When his wife died of a stroke in her sixties, the 72-year-old retired professor was overwhelmed with grief. Life would be hard for him without anyone to rely on.

2. 两位业余画家上个月在伦敦举办了一次个人画展。许多人前去参观,其中包括一些著名的专业画家。

Two amateur painters held an exhibition of their pictures last month in London. Many people went to see it, including a few celebrated professionals.

3. 当20世纪80年代中期,7名宇航员在"挑战者"号的灾难中遇难时,全世界一下子陷入了震惊与悲痛中。

When seven astronauts died in the Challenger disaster in the mid-1980s, it plunged the whole world into shock and grief.

4. 在结束了其第二届首相任期之后,她仍积极参与政治事务。当政府遇到困难时,她屡次前来帮忙。

After completing her second prime ministry, she remained actively involved in political affairs. She came to the rescue several times when the government was in difficulty.

5. 大选失败后,史密斯博士隐退到一个小村庄,在那里尝试耕作。

After his failure in the election campaign, Dr. Smith retired to a small village, where he tried his hand at farming.

6. 只要你一辈子不停地努力工作,你在回忆往事时就会感到心满意足的。

As long as you keep working hard all your life, you will recall your past with a glow of satisfaction.

7. 我们必须唤醒人们认识到环境保护的重要性。否则,就为时太晚了。

We must awaken people to the importance of environmental protection, or it will be too late.

8. 那位官员因卷入一件政治丑闻而被撤职。如果早知会落到这般地步,他当初也许就会以不同的方式行事了。

That official was removed from office for being involved in a political scandal. Had he known this would happen, he might have acted differently.

Unit 2

1. 我们班女生占大多数。相比之下,他们的班级全由男生组成。

Female students constitute the majority of our class. By contrast, their class is made up of males only.

2. 美国孩子通常每天看三小时电视,而中国孩子必须将放学后的大部分时间用于做家庭作业。

American kids can usually watch TV three hours a day, whereas their Chinese counterparts have to do their homework most of the time after school.

3. 他开发的一系列新研究方法使他获得了巨大的成功。他说这一切都得归功于他父母的鼓励。

His development of a series of new research methods led to his huge success. He said that he owed all this to his parents’ encouragement.

4. 讨论直接涉及到他的未来,而他却被排斥在外,对此他表示愤慨。

He resented being excluded from discussions that directly concerned his future.

5. 这些问题连续不断地出现,这表明这台新仪器必须重新调试。

The fact that these problems are continually showing up suggests that this new device must be readjusted.

6. 张华是近年来涌入美国一流大学的亚裔学生之一,他说他的许多思想都基于传统的中国哲学。

As one of the Asian students who have surged into the best American universities in recent years, Zhang Hua says that many of his ideas are based on the traditional Chinese philosophy.

7. 首先,杨先生如此努力工作并非只是为了钱。他一心为了教育青年人并设法激励他们在各方面都取得进步。

To start with, it is not merely money that makes Mr.Yang work so hard. He is committed to educating the young and tries to motivate them to get ahead in life.

8. 我们剩下的时间不多了,于是我们把车开得更快,希望能及时赶到机场。

As time was running out, we drove even faster in hopes that we could make it to the airport in time.

Unit 3

1. 当那份临时性的工作结束时,人家给乔治提供了一份永久性的(permanent)工作,他马上就接受了。

When the temporary job came to an end , George was offered a permanent job, which he accepted at once.

2. 为了确保他们在日本的合资企业赢利,那些美国公司比之语言翻译来说更需要文化翻译。

To ensure that their joint ventures in Japan are profitable, the American companies need cultural translators even more than language translator.

3. 作为一名文化翻译,乔治渴望帮助那些就许许多多事情来向他求助的日方雇员,包括属于他专业知识范围之内和之外的问题。

As a cultural translator, George was eager to help the Japanese employees who came to ask his advice on a great many matters, both within and outside his field of expertise.

4. 乔治用某种方法说服美方经理接受了日方会计师的决定,从而缓解了两人之间的冲突。

Somehow or other, George persuaded the American manager to go along with the Japanese accountant’s decision, thus smoothing over the conflict between the two.

5. 美方经理与日方经理之间的确有时会发生冲突和争论。但由于双方都很有见识进行妥协,才防止了这些冲突和争论激化为感情大战。

Conflicts and arguments do arise at times between the American managers and their Japanese counterparts. But since both parties have the good sense to compromise, these conflicts are prevented from escalating into big emotional battles.

6. 所有的日方雇员,包括人事经理在内,都很感激乔治在他们遇到的众多问题上所给予的经常帮助。

All the Japanese employees, the personnel manager included, appreciated George’s frequent help with the multitude of problems they ran into.

7. 我的日语还不足以很好地表达我的思想,所以如果我有时说了些愚蠢的话,请不要生气。

My spoken Japanese is not good enough to express myself well. Please don’t get offended if I sometimes say stupid things.

8. 张大夫对中医有精深的了解,英语也掌握得不错,所以他完全有资格培训前来中国学习中医的外国医生。

With a solid understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and a good mastery of English, Dr. Zhang is highly qualified to train foreign doctors who have come to China to study Chinese medicine.

Unit 4

1. 庇护孩子不让他们知道自己已经失败对于他们的成长是绝对无益的。

Shielding children from the knowledge that they have failed is anything but beneficial to their development.

2. 爱默生认为在失败与成功之间并无天壤之别。

Emerson does not think there is a world of difference between success and failure.

3. 一个成熟的人是一个善于把失败变成成功的人。

A mature man is one who is good at turning failure into success.

4. 她醉心于自己在溜冰方面的成功,从未对现实世界的挑战作好准备。

She was obsessed with becoming a success in ice skating that she never prepared herself for the challenges of the real world.

5. 当他得知自己的公司已经破产(go bankrupt)时,神经完全崩溃了。

He suffered a complete nervous breakdown when he learned that his company had gone bankrupt.

6. 史密斯先生在谈到他的成功时,往往夸大其辞(exaggeration)。

When talking about his success, Mr.Smith is very prone to exaggeration.

7. 这家公司开始只卖收音机,但现在已扩大营业范围,销售电脑了。

The company started by selling radios but now has branched out into selling computers as well.

8. 事实上,失败并不是可怕的东西。一旦我们学会运用它,它就能对我们的成长和发展作出积极的贡献。

In fact, failure is nothing to be afraid of. Once we learn how to use it, it can make a positive contribution to our growth and development.

Unit 5

1. 这所大学只提供给普里西一小笔贷款,余下的钱得靠她自己去筹划。

The university offered Priscilla only a small loan and she had to come up with the rest of the money herself.

2. 凭着她在餐馆工作的微薄收入,玛丽几乎无法维持生活。因此,她已在所住的公寓大楼里找了一些清扫大楼的工作做。

With the small income from her restaurant job, Mary could barely make (both) ends meet. That’s why she had found some cleaning work to do in the apartment building where she lived.

3. 在头两个学期她经常熬夜学习,因为她知道必须在班上取得最高的平均积分点才有资格获得那份奖学金。

In the first two semesters, she often stayed up late studying because she knew she had to get the highest GPA in her class to qualify for the scholarship.

4. 任何人想在那家公司找到工作,即便没有博士学位,至少也得有个硕士学位,不然就不会被录用。

Anyone who wants to find employment in/with that company must have at least a master’s degree, if not a Ph.D. Otherwise he or she will not be accepted.

5. 只要你全心全意地投身于学习,你终将会达到你成为一名考古学家的长远目标。

Only if you throw yourself into your studies will you ultimately achieve your long-term goal of becoming an archaeologist.

6. 在办公室里贝思看上去一直很开心,脸上随时带着微笑。但在内心深处她已厌倦了做秘书。她想做点有创意的事情。

In the office Beth always looked happy and had a ready smile. But deep down, she was tired of being a secretary. She wanted to do something more creative.

7. 我父亲是来自墨西哥的农业季节工人。当我被华盛顿大学录取,成为我家上大学的第一人时,他高兴极了。

A migrant farm laborer from Mexico, my father was overjoyed when I was accepted by the University of Washington and became the first person in my family to attend college.

8. 普西拉里回忆起初艰苦奋斗年月时说,在工作和学习之间取得平衡是不容易的。

When Priscilla looked back on her years of hard struggle, she said that it was no easy job to balance work and study.

Unit 6

1. 专攻理论宇宙学的英国科学家斯蒂芬·霍金被公认为二十世纪末叶最伟大的天才。

Stephen Hawking, a British scientist specializing in theoretical cosmology has been proclaimed the greatest genius of the late 20th century.

2. 每推出一张新唱片,这位歌手总梦想着它能跻身电台的排行榜前十名之列。

Every time he releases a new record, the singer dreams of its/it earning a place in the "top-ten" list on the radio.

3. 位于伦敦西北的牛津大学以其学术成就而闻名遐迩。

Located to the north west of London, Oxford University is well known/noted far and wide for its academic excellence.

4. 作为一位智力超群的伟人,爱因斯坦使现代人对于时空有了全新的概念。

An intellectual giant, Einstein was responsible for modern man’s new concept of time and space.

5. 这项医学研究的目的在于找到医治遗传性血液疾病的新疗法,因为现在使用的药物不能治愈这些复杂的疾病。

This medical research is aimed at finding new treatment for inherited blood diseases, because the drugs now in use cannot cure these complicated diseases.

6. 今年是我校建校一百周年纪念。我校最初是一家私塾,现已成为一所以理论研究见长的世界名牌大学。

This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of our university. A private school initially, it has now become a world-famous university specializing in the theoretical research.

7. 两年前,鲍勃对他餐馆经理的工作感到厌倦;幸好他获得了一份州立大学的奖学金。

Two years ago, Bob was feeling bored with his job as a restaurant manager. Luckily he won a scholarship to the state university.

8. 当被问及斯蒂芬在大学时是什么样的学生时,当时任物理系系主任的怀特教授回忆道:"他给我的印象是个非常聪明的学生,具有一种对物理本能的洞察力。"

Asked what kind of student Stephen was at college, Prof. White, the then Chairman of the Physics Department, recalls: "He impressed me as a very bright student with an instinctive insight into physics."

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