21世纪大学英语第四册 课后翻译题 Unit 1-6

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21st Century College English: Book 4

Unit 1-6 Translation


Unit 1

1. 美国人往往以从事的工作来对人们进行划分。家庭和教育背景这些特点被认为是不太重要的。

Americans tend to define people by the jobs they have/do. Such characteristics as their family and educational backgrounds are considered less important.

2. 他决不妥协的个性是他再也无法容忍它的雇主,并最终递交了辞职书的原因。

His uncompromising personality explains why he could no longer put up with his employer and eventually submitted his resignation.

3. 如果你真想学好英语,你就必须投入大量的时间和精力,否则你就不会有任何进步。 对于其他课程也可以这么说。

If you really want to learn English well, you must put in a lot of time and energy, or you’ll go nowhere. The same can be said of other subjects.

4. 有些演员的名声靠的是他们天生的美貌,但是达斯汀ㆍ霍夫曼(Dustin Hoffman)尽管身材矮小(short stature), 还是出类拔萃,而使他与众不同的正是他精湛的演技。

Some actors’ fame is built on their innate beauty, but despite his short stature, Dustin Hoffman rose above and it is his excellent acting that sets him apart.

5. 他负责管理之后,我们发现他与前任(predecessor)有明显的不同:他有干劲和激情,想出了很多新点子,并把工作重点放在如何鼓舞我们的士气上。

After he took charge, we discovered that there were striking differences between him and his predecessor. He had the drive and passion, came up with many new ideas, and focused his work on how to raise our morale.

6. 当邓小平宣布中国改革开放政策的时候,他被永远载入史册。尽管障碍重重,他以不懈的努力为我国的现代化作出了永久性的贡献。

Deng Xiaoping made history when he declared China’s reform and opening-up policy. Despite tremendous obstacles, he made lasting contributions to our country’s modernization with his unrelenting efforts.

7. 为什么有人拥有天才级智商却被智商平平但很刻苦的人 丢在后面? 承认除了智商外,还有很多别的因素与一个认得成就有着很大的关系。

Why could someone with a genius IQ be left behind by a hardworking person with an average IQ? It has to be acknowledged that besides one’s IQ, many other factors have much to do with one’s achievements.

8. 这位教师真了不起,她能在教东西之前调动学生的积极性。这并不是因为她有天赋,而是因为她只想着在课堂上吸引他们的注意力。

This teacher is really remarkable in motivating her students before she can teach them something. It’s not that she is talented, it’s that she is obsessed with drawing their attention in class.

Unit 2

1. 他瞪眼看着约翰,对他拒绝合作感到恼怒。

He glared at John and was sore at his denial of cooperation.

2. 约翰真诚的讲话表达了他对那些在他处于困境时给过他慷慨帮助的人们感激之情。

John’s sincere speech shows his gratitude to the people who rendered him generous help when he was in difficulty.

3. 他可说是一个集邮家。他曾经积蓄了两年去买一张珍邮这件事便是证明。

He is something of a stamp collector. The fact that once he saved up for two years to buy a rare stamp is roof of it.

4. 这些玫瑰的美丽怎么评价也不过分。它们以各种方式吸引住了所有的游客。

The beauty of these roses could not be overstated. They took/caught all the visitors’s fancy in one way or another.

5. 起先,他理所当然地认为该地区应当多造一些公路。然而仔细计算费用后,他在作出最后决定前有不得不重新考虑了。

At first he took it for granted that they should build more highways in this area. Then a careful calculation of the expenditure compelled him to think twice before he made the final decision.

6. 每次收到我的礼物,不管多少,我的朋友比尔决不忘记表示感激。

Each time he receives a gift from me, no matter how small, my friend Bill never fail to acknowledge it.

7. 那位新闻记者决定找到那位老夫妇心中提及的年轻人。那封信赞赏了年轻人为使他们的生活条件更为惬意而付出的努力。

The journalist has decided to trace the young man referred to in the old couple’s letter, which is a tribute to the young man’s effort at making their living more agreeable.

8. 虽然他厌烦了那些每天上门来吹嘘起产品的推销员,但他克制着没有将他们推之门外。

Though he was fed up with the salesman who knocked at his door and boasted about their products every day, he refrained from slamming the door in their face.

Unit 3

1. 汤姆因一问题而心神不宁但又一筹莫展,直到他学会以不同的策略把它解决才不心烦。

Tom was hung up on the problem but could do nothing about it until he learnt to solve it with different tactics.

2. 横向思维帮助他提出了原来似乎走进死胡同的新理论。

Lateral thinking has helped him to advance his new theory which seemed to have reached a dead end.

3. 我们最新的建设计划的框架已获得地方政府的批准。它是否会按时实施对这座沿海城市的发展具有极为重大的意义。

The framework of our latest construction plan has been affirmed by the local government. Whether it will be carried out on time is of the utmost significance to the development of the coastal city.

4. 在设法寻找一个解决问题的办法的过程中, 爱德华在思想上陷入了僵局,但后来他改变了观察角度,以一种完全意想不到的方式解决了问题。

While trying to find a solution to the problem, Edward reached an impasse in his thinking, but later he changed his point of view and solved the problem in an entirely unexpected fashion.

5. 许多人认为计算机机房将最终取代图书馆,想吸收新知识的学生最终将在计算机机房里学习一切。

Many people believe that computer labs will eventually take over from the libraries and students who want to take in new knowledge will end up learning everything in the computer lab.

6. 昨天他的汽车几乎是迎头撞上了一辆卡车。如果他继续这样随便开车,我确信他最后一定会被送进医院的急诊室。

His car crashed into a truck almost head-on yesterday. If he does not stop driving so carelessly, I am sure he will wind up in the emergency room of a hospital.

7. 这幅画的结构设计有一个缺点。你为什么不擦掉那几条垂线,把它简化一点呢?

There is a flaw in the design of the structure of the painting. Why don’t you erase the vertical lines and simplify it a little bit?

8. 约翰本该在很久以前就把烟戒掉了。毕竟健康对每个人来说都是最重要的。

John should have given up smoking a long time ago. After all, health is of the utmost importance to everybody.

Unit 4

1. 学校应避免仅按学生考试成绩来判别孰优孰劣并以此对待他们。相反,好的教育体制应使每一位学生都能达到良好的水准,成为全面发展的人。

Schools should avoid deciding who are superior only in terms of the students’ exam results and treating them accordingly. Instead, a good educational system should enable every student to measure up to good standards as well-rounded people.

2. 大学生课后有问题时,往往在办公时间之外不容易找到老师。这是由于教师繁忙的学术研究,而不是他们对学生漠不关心。

As often as not, when college students have questions after class, their teachers are not readily available except during office hours. This is due to teachers’ busy academic research, rather than their indifference to the students.

3. 这个班级由40名学生组成,他们中大部分按英语水平过去常被归在中等之列。但由于这位老师从不在言辞中表露出不耐烦,学生们对他的教学方法产生了积极的反应,从而没有辜负他的期望。

This class consists of forty students, most of whom used to be labeled average in terms of English level. But as this teacher has never shown any verbal impatience, the students have reacted positively to his teaching methods and lived up to his expectations.

4. 在美国,教书变得越来越难了,部分原因是学生越来越多样的种族背景以及需要另外培训才能掌握的更为复杂的教学技术。

Teaching is becoming increasingly demanding in the the United States, due in part to the diversity of students racial background and the complexity of educational technologies that require additional training.

5. 英国人经常被归类为保守型,显然这一归类带有成见。实际上,英国在民族特性方面与其他欧洲国家相比并没有太大的差异。他们有礼貌,爱整洁,讲秩序,充满自信

The English are, as often as not, labeled conservative. Obviously this label is prejudiced. In reality, Britain is not very different from other European countries in terms of national characteristics. They are polite, neat, orderly and confident.

6. 有些年轻人在成长过程中有着要求独立的强烈愿望。他们宁可通过自己的努力来渡过生活中的困难,也不愿意带着负罪感求助于他们的父母。

Some young people grow up with a strong desire for independence. They would rather try hard themselves to go through life than turn to their parents for help with a sense of guilt.

7. 你的朋友对你非常真诚,你也应该同样以诚相待,决不应该欺骗他,或者带着讽刺的口吻谈论他的挫折

Your friend treats you sincerely, so you should respond accordingly and mustn’t deceive him or talk about his setbacks with irony.

8. 邻居们恼火的原因是他们发出的噪音,但是由于他们一再保证夜间停工,从而得以完成这套公寓的装潢

The neighbor’s irritation/annoyance was due to the noise they made. However, because of their reassurances that they would stop working at night, they went through with the decoration of this apartment.

Unit 5

1. 正如你可以想象到的,阅读为我打开了一个新的天地并永远改变了我的人生道路。

As you can imagine, reading has opened a new world to me and changed forever the course of my life.

2. 他从童年起就对书籍表现出一种非常强烈的兴趣。他对书籍如此迷恋,以致从不让一天过去而不进行一些阅读。

He had demonstrated an unusually intense interest in books since childhood. So fascinated with books was he that he never let a day pass without doing some reading.

3. 他每次乘地铁上下班身边都有一本想读的书。他就这样在过去三年中读了一百本书。

Every time he takes the subway to and from work, he was with him a book that he wants to read. That is the way he has read nearly a hundred books in the past three years.

4. 他读中学时常在自己的房间里读书至深夜。每次听到母亲走进的脚步声,他便关掉灯假装睡着。而母亲一走过去,他便打开灯,重又读起来。

When he was in high school, he used to read deep/far into the night in his own room. Each time he heard the approaching footsteps of his mother, he would turn off the light and feigned sleep. But as soon as his mother passed, he would turn on the light and begin reading again.

5. 几乎没有什么关于中国的东西是他不感到好奇的。为了满足自己的好奇心他已决定亲自到那里去尽量多看一些。

There is hardly anything about China he’s not curious about. And to satisfy his curiosity he had decided to go there in person.

6. 我不知道是什么使得你的儿子羡慕那位流行歌手并试图事事模仿他。你还是问问他本人好了。

I don’t know / I have little / no idea what made your son feel envy of that pop singer and try to emulate him in everything. You might as well ask him in person.

7. 他从图书馆一借到那本书就在走廊的灯光下飞快地把它翻了一遍。

As soon as he checked out the book from the library, he thumbed through its pages by the corridor light.

8. 我认为没有哪个人在农村学到的比我更多。实际上,农村的三年使我比进某个大学学习得更深入细致。

I don’t think anybody ever learned more in the countryside than I did. In fact, the three years in the countryside enabled me to study far intensively than I would have if had attended some college.

Unit 6

1. 他生来就有残疾,但他从不沮丧,也从未屈服于任何困难。

He was disabled form birth but he never felt frustrated nor did he give in to any difficulty.

2. 汤姆一直坚决要求提升。当这样的机会出现时,他立即抓住了。

Tom had been holding out for the promotion. When such an opportunity showed up he grabbed it at once.

3. 他对所有的标准化考试都不信任并认为应该由某种更好的东西来取代它们。

He distrusts all standardized tests and believes that there should be something better to substitute for them.

4. 我的论点是我们应当马上对这些又争议的问题逐个进行调查。

My thesis is that we should carry out a survey of these controversial issues one by one right now.

5. 贝蒂勤劳而又可靠。她从不在困难面前退缩。总之,她是我们都为之感到骄傲的那种学生。

Betty is diligent and dependable. She never shies away from any difficulties. In short she is the kind of student that we are all proud of.

6. 把汽油箱放在你的房子里是不明智的,因为它极易燃烧,并且可能在几分钟内就将你辛辛苦苦挣来的财产付之一炬。

It is ill-advised to keep the gas tank in your home for it ignites easily and may burn up your hard-earned fortune in a few minutes.

7. 史密斯博士的讲座等于是说,很早就显示出高情商的孩子无论面对什么困难都会最终取得成功。

Doctor Smith’s lecture accounts to saying that a child who displays high EQ early on in life will succeed eventually in the face of all kinds of difficulties.

8. 由于在美国很多婚姻都以离婚告终,心理学家们建议所有家庭中的夫妻都应更经常地互相沟通,不要等到为时过晚时才来解决他们的问题。

Since many marriages end in divorce in the United States psychologists have suggested that couples in all families communicate with each other more often an solve their problems before it becomes too late.

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